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Lyttelton Lights is committed to actively contribute to a healthier planet and to build a business that is sustainable for its people and future generations, both socially and environmentally. This means real action on a daily basis, within every aspect of our operation.

We donate 1% of proceeds from all online purchases to help Coral Gardeners mission to revolutionise ocean conservation and save the world’s coral reefs. As a business we have pledged to protect these ecosystems, and together we are actively restoring the coral reefs in Mo’orea, French Polynesia.

We hope to inspire our trusted business partners and customers in the fight of climate change, and to unite in the commitment to a healthier planet, because the bottom line is life, not profit.

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for Ocean Conservation

We The Reef

Coral reefs are the foundation of healthy oceans and without healthy oceans there won't be life.

Marine biodiversity as a whole produces more than half of the oxygen we breath. 50% of all reefs have already been lost and we have until 2050 to save what remains.

Lyttelton Lights is proud to be a dedicated member of the We The Reef Program and trusted supporter of Coral Gardeners.

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