We pride ourselves in designing timeless products carefully hand crafted in New Zealand using only the finest ingredients available. Our unique hybrid fragrances are inspired by the seasons and nature resulting in authentic luxurious goods that enhance everyday life and are easy on the environment.

We carefully source the finest raw materials available, and that will never change.

We know that quality ingredients create a better end-product that is far more enjoyable, healthier and better for the environment.

We use 100% natural and sustainably sourced soy wax in our candles. We do not use any fragrance- enhancing wax blends (e.g. paraffin) or synthetic enhancing additives.

We have a close relationship with our Australia based fragrance-house with whom we directly develop our unique hybrid fragrances (blends of natural essential oils and man-made fragrances). All our fragrances are certified 100% phthalates-free (carcinogen free).

All our fragrances are premium hybrid fragrance oils; meaning highly purified blends of natural essential oils and man-made fragrances. All our fragrances are certified 100% phthalates-free (carcinogens).

Here are some of the many benefits of our fragrances:

  • Man-made fragrances are far more sustainable to produce than essentials oils.
  • Our fragrances are a much more stable product because of the many natural variants than can occur with essential oils.
  • Often man-made fragrance oils are a lot less allergenic.
  • Whilst offering a premium product, we can still offer a realistic price point to you.

We believe that fragrances should be enjoyed as an addition to everyday life. We want them to enhance spaces rather than overwhelm them.

Whilst scent perception can be very different physiologically from human to human, we develop and extensively test our recipes to achieve the perfect harmony and equilibrium.

Some fragrances naturally contain richer and stronger notes than others and therewith may be perceived as stronger. On the other hand, some fragrances naturally contain more delicate notes, which results in a more subtle scent throw.

Our room-fragrances are naturally stronger in scent-throw and are the perfect addition to our candles. It’s a great way to enhance fragrance perception in a space quickly.

Whilst being a lot more expensive to source it is a conscious decision we made as a business to address plastic waste and the direct impact it has on global warming and our environment. There are many benefits of glass and we have listed a few of the obvious ones below.

  • Glass is the world’s most natural and sustainable packaging.
  • Glass is infinitely 100% recyclable, meaning it can be recycled into a product of the same quality over and over again. Whereas plastics don’t get recycled as such, they get turned into a lesser quality product and eventually have to biodegrade.
  • Glass is nonporous and impermeable, meaning there are no interactions between glass packaging and the products keeping its contents in top condition.
  • Glass has an almost zero rate of chemical interaction which ensures that the products inside a glass container keep their strength and aroma far better than plastic packaging.
  • Plastic leaks toxic chemicals when decomposing and doesn’t actually fully break down. Instead it turns into microplastics which are scientifically proven to majorly affect our marine world, flora, fauna and ends up in the human food chain.
  • The glass recycling rate is much higher than plastics.
  • Oil and gas are the main raw materials in plastic production which have huge environmental impact and are significant contributors to global warming.
  • From the moment raw materials are turned into plastic to its disposal, plastic emits carbon dioxide. Factories are running on fossil fuels and are contributing to global warming more than factories recycling glassware.

It is important to use the right size candle for the right space in order to get the most out of it..

Small Candle: Best used for a small space such as a bathrooms, toilets, small bedrooms.

Medium Candle: Best used for smaller lounges, kitchens and bedrooms.

Large Candle: Best used for large spaces such as lounges, open plan living, kitchens, dining rooms.

We designed our candles jar sizes to work perfectly as a collection. A combination of all sizes on e.g. a dining table, create a stunning center piece that is sure to impress.

All our products are:

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% phthalates-free (carcinogen free)

Product Care

Keep the product and packaging out of direct sunlight and drafty areas.

Trim the wick before or after every burn to 6mm.

Allow the candle to burn for 3-4 hour intervals or until a full melt pool has been formed.

Keep the candle on a heat resistance surface and away from children and pets.

Maintain distance between each candle when grouped together.

Shake well before each use.

Keep the product and packaging out of direct sunlight.

Spray 1-3 sprays into the air, or spray until the desired scent throw is achieved.

No we don't. The reason is that brand owned return services such as "wash, return and refill" have a significant carbon footprint. However, our packaging is designed to be reused and recyclable.


As business owners and parents to two little children we know of the responsibility we have to build a place that has the environment in mind, and one that is sustainable for future generations.

Since the very beginning we had a strong commitment towards sustainability, building a people focused company with a working culture that takes pride in addressing sustainability in every aspect of our daily operation.

Click here to find out more about some of the things we have done.

Shipping & Lead Times

All New Zealand orders are dispatched from our premises in Christchurch New Zealand.

We use New Zealand Couriers as our domestic carrier.

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All international shipments are dispatched from our premises in Christchurch New Zealand.

We use DHL Express as our international carrier.

You will receive automated tracking details once your order is picked up by the courier.

Please note that we cannot make any changes to your order or delivery address once it has been picked up by the courier.

Please note that we cannot courier to PO Box addresses.

The use of third party companies are at the discretion DHL Express.

Incurring import taxes, border charges or custom duties may occur with any international online purchase. These charges are to be paid, and are the responsibility of the customer/receiver. These charges may vary and are determined by your destination, the contents and value of the consignment. You may be required to pay these prior to receiving your order, or they may be charged to you at a later date.

Under no circumstance will LYTTELTON LIGHTS Ltd be liable for any of these charges or costs. If the charges of a held shipment are refused the shipment will be abandoned at destination.

In the event of a redirection due to situations aforementioned, any additional shipping fees will be charged to the receiver.

Domestic:              24hrs

International:         48hrs

We always endeavor to process your order as quickly and efficiently as possible. Lead times may vary during busier periods, e.g. Christmas.

Domestic:              Overnight Service (South Island)

                                Overnight Service (North Island)

                                1-5 Working Days (Rural Delivery)

International: Varies depending on the destination. Please contact us here to find out more.

Some delivery delays may be caused by third parties.


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We are here to help. Please contact us here for any return queries you may have.

Generally, deemed faulty, defective or damaged goods may be returned.

It is within the entire discretion of Lyttelton Lights Limited to accept whether a product is “faulty”, “defective” or damaged.

Returned goods must be in unused and undamaged condition including the packaging, except for defective or faulty products.

Each Lyttelton Lights product is handmade and may include natural raw materials. We pride ourselves in delivering you with products of highest quality, however small indifferences may occur.